Michelle R, Grade 7
At Explore, I feel genuinely happy. I feel excited to come see my friends, and I feel so comfortable knowing that there are people here with me that I trust the most. Not one day have I gone to school with a frown on my face but instead a smile of joy and relief. The people at Explore are honestly some of the best human beings I have ever met and everyone here does speak from the heart.
Hilarya I, Grade 7
I adore how we're all like one big family, like a wolfpack! I admire how our family radiates positive energy and creates a wonderful environment in which you are able to learn and try new things. While I love everything about Explore Middle School, I especially love our community!
Colin J, Grade 8
Explore has been my second home for almost three years now, and sometimes it feels like my first. Explore is an amazing school with not only great academics, but a wonderful community.
Deliela V, Grade 7
Everytime I go through the doors of Explore, the first thing I get thrilled about is the students and teachers in the school. Everyone is so supportive of one another. Explore Middle School is a very special place and your experience here will be like no other.
Devon F, Grade 8

I love how at Explore Middle School every student, teacher, and faculty member is a part of the Explore Family. Everyone in this family pushes one another so that they can strive to do their best. I love how everyone at Explore is accepting of others and urges people to be themselves.