Wolfpack LogoWhen Principal Krone joined the Explore Staff in 2018, the staff, parents, and students thought it was a good opportunity to rebrand ourselves. The students chose a new mascot: the wolf. The wolf had long been an unofficial mascot for Explore students and staff. One of our founding science teachers, Mr. Ponticorvo, would tell our students about the power of the wolfpack.

The power of the wolfpack is in their cooperation and teamwork. For wolves, the pack working together is a matter of life and death: they need to hunt to stay alive, and the need to work together to hunt successfully. During the wolf hunt, which can take hours and cover many miles, every wolf in the pack has a role to play. Each wolf’s role is determined by their unique skill set and abilities. Lighter, faster wolves do the herding of the prey; larger wolves do the attacking and taking down of the prey. Meanwhile, younger and less experienced wolves watch the experienced hunters and learn from them so that when their time comes, they will continue the success of the pack. The pack is strongest when each wolf fulfills its potentials and the group puts their best efforts towards a common goal.

Like a wolfpack, the staff and students at Explore Middle School need each other to be at their best in order for our community to succeed. We know that, like the wolves, if we purposefully develop our individual strengths and talents, then together we are a powerful force that will achieve anything it sets out to accomplish. We are proud to call ourselves the Wolves and to run together as a wolfpack!