Explore Celebrates World Habitat Day with Student Led Event

(October 9th, 2019–Jersey City) On October 7th, in honor of World Habitat Day, the Environmental Club, Sustainability Club, Peer Leaders, and other student volunteers organized a student led assembly and an information session on the Global Climate Crisis.

The Global Climate Crisis Strike that took place in September intrigued many students at Explore. Ms. M. Norcia’s Sustainability Club, Ms. L. Norcia’s Environmental Club and Ms. Calabrese’s Peer Leaders collaborated on executing an event that would inform the rest of the students about the crisis.

The students planned the entire event on their own and decided what information to share and how to present it to students in order to educate their peers as best as possible. This included speeches by students, a video presentation, information stations about the effects climate change has on plants, animals and humans as well as what different nations and governments are doing to help prevent it. The students also presented an Explore “suggestion box” where students can submit ideas they have for how the school can be more sustainable and environment friendly.

“I really enjoyed having the opportunity to teach everyone else about companies that are green and which companies we should avoid. I was able to learn so much by doing my own research and working with Claire on our presentation. I thought the entire event was a great success because we found the most effective ways to reach our peers with the time and resources that we had. I hope everyone continues to be conscious of the climate issue and Explore keeps doing their part to make a difference,” Peer Leader and 7th grader, Melike Kunukcu shared.

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