HCSTF Supports STEM Family Night Activities at Explore 2000 Middle School

October 16, 2015 (North Bergen, N.J.) –The HCST Foundation provided grant money to support Explore 2000 Middle School—a STEM Education school that is part of the HCST Foundation and located in Downtown Jersey City—as they invited students and parents into their facility for an evening of engagement, announced Linda J. Quentzel, Executive Director of the HCST Foundation.

The Family Connection Event, which included resources and leadership from STEM Education, LLC, engaged participants in three distinctive activities: Building a Hovercraft; Racecar Competitions; and Puffmobile Races. According to Explore 2000 Principal Amy Lin-Rodriguez, the evening “Served as enrichment for students, parents, and even as professional development for our facilitators.”

Mrs. Lin-Rodriguez continues, “Our hope [for this event] is to create after-school programs, and eventually offer a summer camp for STEM Education.”

HCST Superintendent Frank J. Gargiulo elaborated on the importance of the STEM movement at the Middle School level. “Trends come and go, but the heart of STEM is problem-solving. No matter what technologies become available in the future, every industry needs problem-solvers, and this evening helped get these students closer to that skillset.”

Daniel Gans, President of the HCST Foundation, adds, “This kind of family-style even not only helps the students, it brings the classroom to the community and allows parents a glimpse into—not just the products of learning, but the learning process at work for our youngest students. The Foundation is proud to help bring these new approaches to learning into the community.”

Linda J. Quentzel, Executive Director of the HCST Foundation, says, “The Back to School Family Night was an opportunity for us to continue our efforts at incorporating the community, whether that means bringing in parents or experts or alumni—or all three—we’re happy to support any endeavor of this kind.”

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