A Visit to the Birth of America by Bus

For the first trip of the fall,
All our students went to Independence Hall.
And we thought and thought, 
About the ones that fought.
They wrote the Constitution,
They started a revolution,
At first they were small,
And then they grew tall!
We had a bloody war,
 Because freedom is worth fighting for.
Up on the battlefield
Hear that? Sounds like victory!
So after this great event,
They created the dollar and the cent.
So our nation was born, and our first President was born.

             The first field trip is always the most memorable of the bunch. This year the students took a trip to one of the most famous places in America, also known as Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. To say it’s significant is a huge understatement. IT was the place America was born. IT was where our predecessors once stood. On that field experience we beheld the exact same room in which those thirty-nine men signed one of the biggest “historical disruptions” yet. IT is still standing, from 1738 to today.

On this field trip we saw the original drafts of the Declaration of Independence. Not only did we see the rooms and the documents, we also learned a lot about it too. For example, we learned that the Independence Hall was built around the time George Washington was born, in 1738. We also witnessed the courtroom they used. The accused citizen would stand in a cage until the jury has made his decision.
            In conclusion, our school had a great time learning about the Constitution and the history of the country in which are living in. This was truly an amazing experience for my peers and me.
Roxolana Hreb

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