Celebrating the Week of Respect at Explore 2000

The first week of October was the Week of Respect and Explore 2000 celebrated in several ways. Each day, students and staff wore a color to show one of the pillars of respect.
Monday was purple day to remind the Explore 2000 community of Citizenship. On Tuesday, red showed Caring. Wednesday was orange day for Fairness and Thursday everyone wore green and/or yellow for Responsibility and Respect.

On Wednesday, the students spent the morning on a group project with the theme “What respect means to me.” The groups worked to create skits, poems, songs, stories, demonstrations and other presentations to show aspects of respectful behavior. Third year students split up to work with the first and second year students as leaders on their projects and to take part in the presentations. At 10:15, the school met in the gym for the presentations.

As performers and as audience, everyone participated energetically, supportively and very respectfully.

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