Explore 2000 Reflects on New Beginnings

        On October 7, the Explore 2000 community gathered to reflect on the school’s history, mission and move to their new building. The student leaders for each group presented original speeches about their personal views of Explore 2000. The speakers shared their experiences and how the differences between their former schools and their current school have influenced them and helped them find new ways to succeed.
         Willie Montanez, one of the second year representatives, spoke of his feeling of being accepted and the increased enthusiasm for learning that Explore 2000 has given him. His fellow students responded to his speech enthusiastically.

        Representing the third year class, Christopher Casavechia spoke of the place that Explore 2000 has in his life. He spoke of the privilege of attending a school with interesting field experiences and educational experiences and of how it helps him to picture his future as he starts his final year at the middle school.
        All of the presenters shared their appreciation of the learning experiences they have each day and of the welcoming atmosphere they enjoy together. They expressed the excitement of having a building just for their school and how they look forward to the expansion and adventures they will see.
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