Visiting the National Constitution Center

         On October 9, the students of Explore 2000 took a trip to Independence Mall in Philadelphia to visit the National Constitution Center. It is the first and only institution in America established by Congress to “disseminate information about the United States Constitution on a non-partisan basis in order to increase the awareness and understanding of the Constitution among the American people.” After a day of interactive exhibits, historic artifacts and lessons on the Constitution, some of the students wrote about their appreciation of the experience.


 Dear Constitution Center,
         Thank you for having us as your guests at the Constitution Center. We had so much fun there. I thought it was so cool that there were life size statues made of copper in Signer’s Hall. In the beginning of the trip we did a quiztrivia. Which was my favorite part of the time being there. Overall everyone in our school loved the field trip so much. It was great!!!!!!!!
Reagan – 6th Grader Explore 2000 Middle School
I am really thankful to go to this trip. I say it is amazing. We were involved in a lot of things during this field trip. First, my class did went to a auditorium to learn about the amendments. This part was interactive, which made it fun! Next, we got to go to a place with statues of our Founding Fathers of America it was about 36 statues. I was amazed because they looked life-like. After, that we got to see the writing of the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. We then saw a play about “We the People.’’ It was a beautiful presentation about our Founding Fathers and the sacrifices and battles they fought for our freedom. I wish we can go back soon, because I really enjoyed this field experience. Thank you!
Youssef – 6th Grader Explore 2000 Middle School
     We really appreciate you guys for letting us tour the Constitution Center. I never had an experience like this before. It really showed how much you care for students’ education. I learned many things. One thing I learned is of course the Bill of Rights. I’ve learned more about the amendments than just sitting in the classroom and discussing the amendments. Before I went to this trip, I barely knew anything about the amendments. When I say that, I mean the number of amendments. There are 27 amendments, however the first 10 are called the Bill of Rights. I saw statues of people in the past such as, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson etc. This field experience led me to a better education than I already had. I loved this experience better than I’ve expected. It was awesome!!

Ruqiya – 6th Grader Explore 2000 Middle School

The Constitution Center was an absolute blast! No doubt about it. My class went to the Constitution Center, and it was so much fun. We learned about the Constitution’s purpose and importance. We also saw some realistic statues of most of the delegates that attended the Constitution Convention and signed the actual Constitution document. Then we saw an (almost) exact replica of the Constitution. We also looked at about 12 or more Bill of Rights Amendments that weren’t added to the Bill of Rights. I have learned a lot from this trip, and I hope others will too.

Amy – 6th Grader Explore 2000 Middle School
On October 9th, Explore 2000 went on an exciting field experience to the Constitution Center in Philadelphia. Let’s just say it was a historical “ball.” We got to see life size statues of what the men who signed the constitution might have looked like. It sort of looked like a scene from the movie Night at the Museum. We also had to take a mini quiz, which tested our knowledge on the bill of rights. We sat in a theater and had clickers in our hands. We used the clickers to input our answers to the questions on the screen. It was actually a fun quiz. At the end of the day, we realized how important our Constitution is and how chaotic our country would be without it.  

Lorey – 6th Grader Explore 2000 Middle School

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