Explore Middle School Open House

(October 11th, 2018–Jersey City, NJ) Explore Middle School held an “Open House” for current 5th graders who may be interested in applying for the fall of 2019.

Principal Krone, Supervisor Velazquez, and staff welcomed over 200 people for building tours of classrooms, the wellness center, computer lab, and art room. Faculty-led sessions on key information were also provided for all in attendance.

The Explore Parent/Student Association held a bake sale and shared details on how parents stay involved by playing a part in community service projects, planning school dances, and focusing on parent and teacher communications.

Faculty members shared a review of the social studies, language arts, mathematics, science, and health and wellness curriculums. Guidance Counselor, Mariel Teschlog, explained the group guidance curriculum as well as the career and technical education class options.

Additionally, Ms. Teschlog reviewed the after-school programs offered: Open Learning Lab, Wii Fitness, Gamestop, Yearbook, Makerspace, Crochet Club, Math Squad, Behind the Mask, Photojournalism, Volleyball, Artistic Expression, Anime Club, Crafts, Piano, and Wellness.

Ms. Amy Garrett and Mr. John Dunphy provided an overview of the school-wide project-based learning approach and its implementation through hands on learning and thematic units. “Human Rights” is the first marking period thematic unit and is being led by the Language Arts Department. At the end of each marking period, the students complete a cross-curricular, culminating project that demonstrates the students’ understandings, thoughts, and opinions on the unit. The students will create an art gallery this November for their first culminating project.

“Many of the parents I spoke with were very pleased with how warm and welcoming the Explore staff was. Many also commented on how excited they were about the progressive environment and the chance for their child to grow here. More than one of the visiting 5th graders told me they really hope they get in,” Ms. Amy Garrett proudly shared.

Principal Krone spent time reviewing the online application process and due dates. Parents must complete the student/parent application by November 14th. The application can be complete at explore.hcstonline.org/admissions/. To learn more about Explore Middle School and keep up with the latest news visit explore.hcstonline.org.

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