Explore 2000 Wins Recycling Regatta!

Explore 2000 is proud to announce that we won 1st place at the Recycled Regatta Boat Race! Read more about our win from our students who paddled on the boat and the engineers (1st year students) behind the making of the boat.
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 Jalen’s Reflection 

While we rowed with all our strength, our class cheered us on with all their voice. We started off with a late and slow start and didn’t catch any speed until we made our way to the turning point. As we turned around the turning point mark, we cut off the leading boat, and I think we even bumped them back. Then we were in the lead and finally it felt like we were going faster. The crowd cheered like crazy as we docked our boat and placed first.

 Sarena’s Reflection 

I never knew that it was possible to make a boat out of recycled materials. Our first year class assembled a floating vessel with recycled materials that our teacher found and with recyclables we brought in from home. After a few days, two first year boys and a facilitator paddled across a lake in Overpeck Park on our boat. I felt really proud knowing that I helped to make that boat. I felt even more proud when I saw that our boat was in first place and we won! I still can’t believe that we made the boat from scratch out of recycled materials. This was an exciting experience that I will never forget.

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