Explore 2000 at Rope Course

Friday, June 5, Explore 2000 first year students worked collaboratively to overcome obstacles at Ring Homestead Camp’s ropes course, thanks to the generosity of the HCST Foundation. The students agree that “the wall” was the highlight of the experience. This activity requires using the strength of the group to overcome a hurdle. They came to the realization that the skills and support they used to climb the wall , could help them work collaboratively on projects. Participants tested the limits of their comfort zone to build confidence while receiving support and encouragement from their classmates.

I had a great time doing the ropes course. I think that it really brought the first years closer. During the trip we all worked together and helped each other. All of the ativities taught us about teamwork and about working together. Some of the activities were challenging but it was a great experience.

Nataly U.

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