The Explore 2000 Sewing Project

February 2016, students from County Prep High School’s Fashion Design Class shared a special project with the students of Explore 2000 Middle School for their Family Career Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) Competition Focus on Children lesson.  Five dedicated individuals worked as a seamless team (no pun intended) to facilitate our 8th Grade Class with a “sewing project”.

Two high school Seniors, Mauli Maniar and Christine Jimenen, took the lead with the project; actively joined by Sophomores Lissette Hernandez, Jalzary Gutierrez and Leslie Santana.  The teacher team situated the students in a circular meeting style, each on a task table. With their well-developed plan, the teacher team explained their project, reviewed the materials then distributed them.  They taught the students how to sew and provided hands-on assistance and visual explanations throughout the project time.

We wish all of the students good luck on this competition.

Two of our student reviews:

The County Prep Fashion Design team did an excellent job of directing the 8th Grade students of Explore 2000. I thought that teaching kids how to sew was a great idea. I know how to hand sew already, so I was the first one done. If you finished early you got to add a button. You had a choice between a red heart and a brown football. You also have a chance to write on your heart or football. I hope the team comes back so we can make more stuff. –A. Ponce, 8th Grade

We had a few obstacles here and there, but they were always able to help us to come to a conclusion. My favorite part was when we finally finished making our footballs so that we could stuff it. It helps to learn the basics so I can at least sew a button when I need to. Sewing was time consuming, but it was actually fun at the same time. I learned that it also requires a lot of patience in order to get the best outcome. –C.Casavecchia, 8th Grade

I look forward to future collaborations with this team of teachers. They provided a unique learning opportunity for our students. We wish them much success with their FCCLA Competition.

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