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My Adventure To Nicaragua

by Adelina Parra


     Last week I traveled to Nicaragua for a vacation. I had a very amazing trip. In this report, I will be telling you all about it. I learned some new things and I had fun. There are such beautiful places to visit in Nicaragua. There are stylish clothing stores. Nicaragua has many fun cultural activities.

Sacuanjoche (The National Flower)

     The Sacuanjoche is Nicaragua’s national flower. It grows on the Plumeria tree and blooms around May. It’s also called the May Flower. The name of the flower comes from the Nahuatl word “xacuan” or “sacuan” which means “beautiful yellow petals” and their word for flower, “xochilt” or “joche.” The Sacuanjoche has no nectar to attract bees. Sphinx moths are attracted to the blossoms by their fragrance which is strongest at night and then the moths do the job of pollinating them.
     The colors of the flowers can be yellow on the inside and white on the outside or yellow on the inside and pink on the outside.

El Gigante (A beach in Nicaragua)

     This is a very popular beach. The name of this beach translates into English as The Giant. El Gigante has fresh, clear water. (Even though I had to wash sand out of my hair for 2 days.) When I went, it was a very hot day. El Gigante is located in Tola,Managua. I went with my grandma’s 5 sisters and 1 brother. It was very fun.

El Teatro Nacional Ruben Dario

     I attended the national theater of Ruben Dario. Ruben Dario was a Nicaraguan poet. At the theater, I saw the ballet called Sleeping Beauty. This ballet was performed by Russians. I like it a lot! Many people come from all over the world to see ballets and plays in this theater. On the same day I went, the resident Nicaragua’s daughter came to watch Sleeping Beauty.
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