Explore 2000 Student Sings the National Anthem at the Prudential Center

Prudential Center: National Anthem Experience
By Lauralie Mufute
 I didn’t know this then, but my journey to sing at the Prudential Center started on Veterans Day, November 11th, 2015. My mom was there at the Veteran’s Day celebration and she saw me sing the Star Spangled Banner. She thought it could be possible for me to sing the National Anthem at the N.J. Devils game on December 19th, 2015 because the dance studio I currently take classes at was performing that day. My mom coordinated with my dance teacher and I got a chance to audition to sing at the Prudential Center. I didn’t get to sing on December 19th, which is the date the performing group I’m in performed. I finally got to sing on Saturday, February 6th, 2016.

I sang the national anthem at the New Jersey Devils vs. Washington Capitals game. When I walked towards the ice to sing, I was a bit nervous because I had NEVER performed in front of 16,000 people before. I took deep breaths and calmed myself so I wouldn’t mess up. There were a lot of people who were behind the ice with me and they told me to do my best like I did at practice. I had a lot of fun singing at the Devils game and I hope to do it again.
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