Explore 2000 Middle School Students Visit the Holocaust Memorial Museum

Forty five Explore 2000 students were the recipients of the generosity of the Morris Rubell Holocaust Journey Foundation. On Monday, October 24, 2016, Explore 2000 participated in a life-changing experience, the Morris Rubell Holocaust Remembrance Journey. Students, staff and parent chaperones were treated to a trip to the Holocaust memorial Museum in Washington DC.

The Rubell Foundation provided a charter bus, a driver, breakfast, lunch and dinner and, most importantly, the opportunity for students to meet and interact with a real-life Holocaust survivor, Fred Heyman, who shared his incredible story of surviving the Nazi regime. Michael Rubell introduced us to his father, Morris Rubell, a Holocaust survivor, through a video recorded in 1991. Hearing the stories of these survivors, who witnessed the absolute worst in humanity and hearing their faith in people and hope for the future can serve as a lesson in positivity and exemplary character.

The activities for the day included a video and Q&A session on the bus followed by a tour of the Holocaust Museum which began with the Daniel’s Story exhibit. Michael Rubell led the tour and was impressed by the insightful questions many of our students asked. When asked if what they saw was interesting, some replies include, “more like horrifying” and “yes, but so sad” or, “how could this happen?”

Following the tour of the museum, we visited the Lincoln Memorial as well as the Martin Luther King Memorial. The highlight of the tour was getting to meet Fred Heyman and hear his story which inspired all of us to be UPStanders instead of bystanders! A special thank you to the Rubell Holocaust Foundation.

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