Explore 2000 Middle School Holds Mock Election

Explore 2000 Middle School hosted their first mock presidential election on Monday, November 7, 2016. Students cast their ballots during their lunch periods while the 3rd Year students volunteered at the polls to help their classmates with the process. With all classes reporting in, we have a clear and decisive winner: Secretary Clinton won with 74% (78 votes), coming in second was Harambe with 6.7% (7 votes) and Republican nominee, Donald Trump, came in third with 5.7% (6 votes). It will be interesting to see how Explore’s polling numbers compare to the country.

Explore students are very interested in the election and have been learning about the process through activities that include a mock debate and primary election. Serena, 3rd year student, said, “It made me think about who I would vote for if I was eligible. I am going to register as soon as I am old enough to vote.” Amanda, 2nd year student, said, “I am going to vote when I am old enough to make sure bad things, like Donald Trump, don’t happen.” Ahmed, 2nd year student, said, “It’s a great learning experience! Because Explore is such a hands-on school, participation makes us much more interested in the outcome of the election.” Some students abstained from the vote and a few may not have taken it seriously, Harambe for President.

Over all, they enjoyed the process, learned from the experience and were glad to have their voices heard. They will be sure to discuss tomorrow’s election with their families and friends.

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