Explore 2000 Hosts Mock Presidential Election

On Thursday May 5, 2016, Explore 2000 2nd Year student hosted a presidential platform presentation and mock primary election. Although Ted Cruz dropped out of the race two days before the event, he graciously participated.

The candidates were Donald Trump (Willie Montanez), Hillary Clinton (Alex Vogiatzis), Bernie Sanders (George Vogiatzis), and Ted Cruz (Cole Goodman). Mr. Dunphy served as moderator. The students prepared by watching debates and researching the candidates’ politions on topics like: Education, Student Loans, Child Care, Immigration, Taxes and Social Security.

During the presentation, students in the audience were enthusiastically chanting the catch phrase of their candidate’s platform and waving signs showing support.

Following the demonstration was a mock election. Ted Cruz received 0 votes, Hillary 13, Trump 15 and Sanders 35! It seems obvious that Explore students are FEELING THE BERN…

Student reactions:

Amanda (1st Year) said, “It got me interested in the presidential debate.”

Jeremy (1st Year) said, “It gave students new ways to look at politics instead of from what they hear outside.”

Lucas (1st Year) said, “It was fun and informative.”

Lauralie (1st Year) said, “I am very interested in politics now and it was very fun to watch.”

Roxie (1st Year) said. “I thought that everyone did well. Their research was on point and fit well with the vibe of the debate.”

Serena (2nd Year) said, “I personally did not know much about the process involved in the presidential nomination/ election. This really helped me learn about what is going on in the world.”

The students worked hard to learn about the election process and had fun while doing it!

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